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Out of the Ordinary is the high-quality choice for Antiques, Arts and Collectors' items.

We offer an extensive collection of furniture, clocks, bronze, art pieces, and paintings ranging from the 16th to the early 20th century. Our collection is formed by a wide range of styles and quality works to meet the taste and needs of each client, including professional interior designers.


Out of the Ordinary was originated in Italy, the country of antiques and art for excellence, which has welcomed the greatest artists of all eras, with an exceptional historical and ancient heritage of great families and their important art collections. Unknowingly, we grow up and learn from this context immersed in history and beauty; at the same time, the company looks beyond the present and seizes the many opportunities offered by an increasingly international art market.

Out of the Ordinary was born from more than twenty-five years of experience of its founders in the world of art, antiques and business; the company can count on a team of experts in the field of furniture, clocks, bronzes, sculptures, paintings and decorative arts.
We offer an extensive collection, extending from the 16th to the early 20th century, formed by a wide choice of styles, importance, worth, including museum-quality works of art.

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Our Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Laura Volpini, CEO of Out of the Ordinary has significant experience as a Senior Executive Manager with large corporations.
Under her leadership, Out of the Ordinary focuses on expanding its business internationally through a modern approach, leveraging effective organization and cutting-edge technology for a great online shopping experience.
Ms. Laura Volpini graduated in Economics from the Sapienza University of Rome.


“Our goal is to guarantee an outstanding online shopping experience for our customers through an innovative web platform supported by a team of experts in the field of antiques and fine art”.

Ms. Laura Volpini | CEO

Committed to Quality

Our team of experts has selected and verified every single object to guarantee our customers the certainty of a valuable investment over time.

For each object we can provide a Condition Report document that records the state of conservation compiled by our art experts, that includes:

  • Author and title of the work
  • Dimensions
  • Materials and technique
  • Any restoration works
  • Any conservation interventions
  • Complete photographic report

Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the objects on our website and to provide you with more details by video chat, phone or email.

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We offer an innovative online shopping experience.
Our specialists are always available to answer any question or to provide more information about the items displayed on our website.
You may contact us by phone, email or connect through our video chat system. We will show you the art pieces in real time, as if you were physically in the room.
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