English Bracket Clock by Percival Mann London

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Throughout history, clocks have not just been instruments to measure time; they have been symbols of artistry, craftsmanship, and technological innovation. Among the most treasured timepieces in the world of horology are the English bracket clocks, and at the forefront of their creation was Percival Mann of London.

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Design and Craftsmanship

Let’s delve into the world of this particular clock, a true testament to the zenith of clock-making in 18th century Britain.

The clock boasts a 4-inch dial, a size that is both practical and elegant. The dial itself is a work of art adorned with foliate spandrels. The matted center, complete with a false pendulum aperture, proudly bears the signature of Per. Mann, London, a mark of its authenticity and the craftsman’s pride.

But the aesthetic appeal doesn’t overshadow the clock’s functionality. There’s a strike/silent lever located at III, offering the user an option for quiet moments. Moreover, the regulation dial, positioned smartly in the arch, ensures the clock’s timekeeping remains impeccable.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the clock, after all these years, remains in excellent aesthetic condition and perfect working order. Such longevity is a testament to the quality of materials used and the expertise of the craftsman.

English Bracket Clock by Percival Mann London

A Brief History of Percival Mann London

Percival Mann operated out of the prestigious Lincoln Inn Fields in London during the period of 1754 to 1790. Lincoln’s Inn Fields was known as a hub for artisans and craftsmen of the time, making it a fitting location for a master like Mann to set up shop. His clocks are a testament to the blend of technological prowess and the artistic aesthetics of the period.

Technical Brilliance

Mann’s bracket clock showcases the intricacies of the period’s engineering with its movement featuring a double fusee and verge escapement. This was an advanced mechanism for its time, ensuring the clock’s precision. It’s supported by six pillars, ensuring stability and robustness.

The rise and fall regulation mechanism speaks volumes about the precision with which these clocks were made. The bell and rack striking system add a touch of grandeur, while the backplate, engraved with “Percivall Mann, Lincoln Inn Fields, London“, reminds one of the clock’s storied origin.

Timeless Legacy

Percival Mann’s English bracket clock is more than just a timepiece. It’s a piece of history, a work of art, and a brilliant example of 18th-century craftsmanship. It serves as a reminder of a time when art and science merged seamlessly, creating masterpieces that stood the test of time. If walls could talk, this clock would surely have centuries of tales to tell.




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Percival Mann, London

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