Italian Liberty style sideboard

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This Italian Liberty style sideboard is an example of rare beauty and refinement, a genuine gem of antiquity. Every detail of this piece of furniture is a tribute to the craftsmanship and creativity that defined the elegance of the early twentieth century.

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A genuine gem of antiquity

This sideboard is not merely a furnishing element but a living testament to the greatness of Italian craftsmanship of the Liberty period. Every aspect, from the central sculpture of the cornice to the hunting scenes, from the worked glass to the carved surfaces, is designed to enchant and tell a story of artistic excellence and sophisticated design. A collector’s item desired by connoisseurs and lovers of high-level antiques, which enhances the style and taste of any environment.

Its exuberant design is expressed through a double body in mahogany, whose wood is carved with a visual richness that captures attention.

The cornice, dominating the center of the riser, features a sculpture depicting a pomegranate, a symbol of abundance and fertility, surrounded by lush leaves. This sculpture is not only an aesthetic masterpiece but also a demonstration of the skill in carving wood into complex and significant shapes.

Antiquariato Credenza in stile liberty italiano
glass doors detail

The central and lateral glass doors, framed by delicate work, enhance the brightness and geometry of the glass, in stark contrast with the lush ornamentation of the rest of the furniture. The drawer beneath the riser, also carved with pomegranates, adds a touch of practicality to this piece, as sumptuous as it is functional.

The central compartment is decorated with monochrome prints depicting playful cherubs, images that evoke joy and lightness, while the lower, angled body contains two drawers and doors that masterfully narrate scenes of hunting. These deep and vivid carvings demonstrate a realism and artistic mastery that transport the viewer into a world of tradition and nature.

On the sides of the sideboard, small glass cabinets enhance the symmetry of the piece, providing exhibition space and conferring visual balance. Above them, the carved surfaces are a further testament to the precision and attention to detail of the craftsmen.

The colored and gilded, beveled and expertly worked glass adds a touch of color that blends with the warm tones of the mahogany, reflecting light and giving the environment a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Mahogany: the main essence of the sideboard

It is one of the most precious and sought-after woods in cabinetmaking. It was discovered in Central America around the year 1600 and began to be imported into England in the 18th century. Highly valued for its hardness and indestructibility, it became extremely popular following the blockade of walnut exports from France in 1720 and the subsequent elimination of English import duties on mahogany from the colonies in America and India. By the end of the 18th century, it also began to be used in France in Louis XVI, Directoire, and Empire style furniture, but its spread declined starting from when Napoleon, in 1810, banned its importation. It was generally employed in the manufacture of elegant furniture for its features and beautiful grain.

Dimensions600 × 500 × 260 cm



20th Century

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