Mid-19th century fine Clock “Au char de l’Amour”

A fine clock with Cupid on a fine chariot drawn by a pair of horses lively and well modelled on an antique green marble base.

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Cupid on a fine chariot

This form of clock is called “Au char de l’Amour” based on the model of André-Antoine Ravrio (1759-1814).

The figures rest on an antique green marble base with friezes with the attributes of Eros: on the left side there is a quiver with arrows, on the right side, there is a torch with a flame, and in the middle, there is a bow with two crossed arrows, set in a wreath of flowers and ribbons.
The base of the clock rests on lions’ feet.

The clock has a skeletonized movement where you can see the mechanism with its white enamel dial and forms the chariot wheel with an 8-day movement, which strikes the hours and halves on a bell.

References: Encyclopédie de la pendule française, Pierre Kjellberg, p.417

Fine Clock “Au char de l’Amour”
Dimensions45 × 13,5 × 35 cm

André-Antoine Ravrio




19th Century