Imposing Renaissance-style clock with Mascherone


Extraordinary Cartel wall clock in carved wood with cherubs, Austria around 1850


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Allegories and symbolism

This spectacular and imposing large carved wood and gold leaf Cartel offers a rich repertory of allegories and symbolism. Its many volutes and ornaments, garlands and cherubs, give particular richness and uniqueness to this artwork.

On the top of the clock, there is Chronos, a Titan and God of time from Greek mythology, the son of Uranus and Gaia. In the centre is an intriguing Renaissance-style Mascherone hiding the clock’s pendulum.

On the side volutes two cherubs, the one on the left holding a scythe in his right hand, symbolize the inexorability of time. On the left hand, he has a bow to symbolize the love that wins over time.
The other cherub, in the left hand there is a snake that bites its tail, which symbolizes the ouroboros, representing eternity and the continuation of life.

On the left volute, there is an hourglass that indicates the life that escapes, while on the right is a tower that symbolizes the fortress of the soul.

Cartel wall clock in carved wood with cherubs
Cartel wall clock in carved wood with cherubs

Clock movement

Enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, iron hands, English cone-shaped musical mechanics with anchor escapement with metal suspension, chime at hours and quarters.

A sizeable English mechanism with a carillon completes this magnificent clock.

We point out that isn’t a “mariage”, in Austria, at that time was not infrequently use foreign mechanisms, in a particular way realized in England, to create unique, high-quality clocks.
In this case, considering the uniqueness of the work and its splendid manufacture, whoever commissioned (or made) decided to include this high-quality musical English mechanism to make this creation even more fascinating and exceptional.

Dimensions 90 × 22 × 145 cm



19th Century

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