Beautiful Art Deco chandelier in gilded bronze


A stunning model of an Art Deco chandelier in which the influences of the Art Nouveau period are still visible in the chiselled floral decorations on the eight gilded bronze plates. This rare and probably unique Art Deco chandelier was made around 1920-25 in France.

Made entirely of bronze (it weighs 28Kg) has a diameter of 76 cm. The chandelier has eight lights forming a star on the lower circular part; five bright arrows on the upper central position with a warmer colour tone because the glasses are slightly amber.

The charm and quality of this chandelier are out of the ordinary. We do not yet know the author, but considering its creation’s quality, size, and complexity, the artist who conceived it must have been an important one.

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Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 76 × 76 × 60 cm



20th Century

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